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President's Message

President’s Message    

February 2021

Good day, Everyone:

I hope this note finds everyone in good health and able to cope with this new lifestyle we have encountered.  It certainly is not what we expected to be doing at this point in our lives, and I am sure you never thought that this new way of living would last a year.  But we have to make the best of it, and I have heard so many stories of folks renewing their interest in hobbies and activities that have sat dormant for many years.  Good for you.   I have to say that I have never seen so many snowmen/women made as in the last month.  They are such fun and happy creatures to see as we walk outside for exercise.

Just in case you are drawn to the kitchen and would like to try something else, the Kanata Seniors Café is trying something new.   John and his team will be putting some of the favourite recipes on our website.  It will be called “Cooking with the Café Chefs”   A new set of recipes will be put on each month.  Be sure to check this out at:

With the suggestion of our being vaccinated growing closer and closer, this brings hope that we will be able to restart our activities and be able to share our lives with friends and family.   Let us pray that we all stay strong and healthy in the meantime.

Stay Safe  K