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Technology Training & Resources

Did you know…

That your membership in the Kanata Seniors Council Inc. gives you access to a variety of technology services?

You can connect your computer, phone or tablet to Wi-Fi at the Kanata Seniors’ Centre, or use one of our five Windows 10 PCs for Internet and email access, printing, scanning or Skyping. For your convenience, one PC is equipped with an extra large LCD monitor and larger fonts for better accessibility.

Technology Training

Learn about your computer, tablet, phone or eReader from our experienced instructors in one-on-one tutoring sessions. Using Kanata Seniors Council Inc. computers, or your own laptop or device, we can help you with:

  • Navigating and managing files on your  Windows 10, or Apple computer.

  • Setting up and using email.

  • Safely browsing the Web using Internet Explorer/Edge, Chrome, or Firefox, and search engines like Google.

  • Creating documents, spreadsheets, and presentations with Microsoft Office or similar tools.

  • Understanding mobile computing and taking advantage of the “Cloud.”

  • Using social networking tools like texting/instant messaging, video calling, Facebook, or blogging.

  • Finding and loading useful Apps on tablets and smartphones.

  • Making the best use of your eBook reader.

  • Transferring, editing, and managing the photos on your digital camera.

  • Connecting a printer, scanner, or memory stick.

  • Keeping your personal information private and your computers safe from viruses and malware.


Tech training is now in full swing. We have experienced instructors in PCs, Mac, iPhone/iPad, Android, and even Chromebook available for one-on-one instruction.

Lessons are one hour long and take place at the Kanata Seniors Centre 2500 Campeau Drive.

Prices are $25 for a package of 3 lessons and $10 for one lesson.

Drop by the Kanata Seniors Centre to book your lessons and do more with your computer.

Links to Technology Tips & Programs

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Free Wi-Fi Access

Kanata Seniors Council Inc., provides free Wi-Fi access in the Kanata Seniors’ Centre building.
Each room that has Wi-Fi access is identified with a sign similar the one opposite on the door entrance.
All members must abide by the Council Wi-Fi Policy (link below). Please see the Front Desk to register and obtain the Wi-Fi password.
For help in connecting your laptop, notebook or device to the KSC Wi-Fi Network please see “How to Set Up Your Wi-Fi” (link below). For more information, please see our Frequently-Asked Questions (link below).


Links to PDF Downloads

Technical Support

Got a cranky computer? Maybe we can help. If you have a computer or laptop issue, or your computer is not working properly then email us at:

and we may be able to help, or direct you to someone who can.

Technology Seminars

Seminars on technology topics are provided free to all Kanata Senior Council Inc. members who register at the front desk. Each seminar consists of a presentation followed by Q&A. Printed take-away notes are provided.

Previous Seminars:

  • Demystifying the Internet

  • Security

  • iPad and iPhone

  • Windows 10

  • Facebook,

  • File Manipulation

Upcoming seminars are listed on the monthly Kanata Seniors Centre Calendar.