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The Kanata Seniors Council Inc.

Who are we?

The “Kanata Seniors Council Inc is different from the City of Ottawa’s the “Kanata Seniors’ Centre.”

The Council works in close partnership with the Kanata Seniors’ Centre and is a federally incorporated, not-for-profit, registered charity, incorporated under the name “Kanata Seniors Council Inc.”

What we do?

The Council provides an advisory function to the City.

It has outfitted the Centre’s kitchen and operates the Council Café.

The Council has outfitted and maintain a Computer Lab at the Centre as well as provide computer instruction and  technical support services.

Additionally, the Council provides funding for various programs and events, provides capital for the acquisition of equipment and furnishings for the Kanata Seniors Centre, and offer a travel program both in and out of the city, among other things.

Seniors are encouraged to become members (it’s free) and actively participate in the Council’s operation and fund raising activities.

Associate Council members representing the City of Ottawa, Western Ottawa Community Resource Centre and local retirement residences attend the monthly Board meetings.


Our Motto: “Seniors Helping Seniors”



  • To promote and conduct educational, recreational, and cultural programs for seniors and older adults

  • To advise and assist in the operation and programming at the Kanata Seniors’ Centre

  • To provide for capital items which will enhance the utility of the Kanata Seniors’ Centre

  • To work with like minded agencies to promote the welfare of seniors and older adults

  • To speak on behalf of seniors and older adults in Kanata and greater western Ottawa

  • To raise funds for the purpose of enhancing the health and well being of seniors and older adults in Kanata and greater western Ottawa


The Council has always regarded itself as the voice for seniors in Kanata and west Ottawa. Over the years it has raised such issues as health, long term care, the City budget, fees at City facilities and many others.

We are proud of the initiatives undertaken by the Council and our involvement in the Older Adult Study in conjunction with the City of Ottawa.

Since its merger with the Seniors’ Centre Advisory Board, the Council has also been advocating (in its advisory role for the Centre) to improve programs, activities and amenities at the Seniors’ Centre.

Council Membership

How can having a Council membership help you?

  • We’re a forum for your concerns.

  • We’re a contact for resources and services on issues of aging.

  • We act as a unified voice with greater numbers, when lobbying all levels of government on your behalf.

  • You’ll receive a monthly Council newsletter via email or available at the Kanata Seniors Centre.

  • You get to vote for Directors at the Annual general meeting.

How do you become a member?

  • Membership in the Council is free.

  • You must be at least 50 years of age to become a member of the Council.

  • The application form is available via the link at the top of this page, pick one up at the Kanata Seniors Council Inc’s office in the Kanata Seniors’ Centre, or just click here.

  • Return your completed application to our office, or leave it at the Centre’s front desk.

 Our History . . .

Since the early eighties, Kanata Seniors had been asking for a centre for seniors in the City of Kanata.

In 1982, the City of Kanata Parks and Recreation Master plan recognized this and recommended a centre be built by 1995. A Master plan in 1990 confirmed that sufficient numbers of seniors lived in Kanata to warrant it.

In November 1993, the Golden Era Seniors Club requested help from Mayor Merle Nicholds of Kanata to build a Centre. A Kanata Seniors Advisory Committee was formed in March 1994 and Frank Valentine, the President of the Golden Era Club, was invited to represent Kanata Seniors’ interests. Unfortunately in 1995, plans for a centre were delayed and moved further down the road.

Formation of the Kanata Seniors Council Inc.

Unhappy with this outcome, a group of interested seniors met in spring 1996, to form a Seniors’ Council to build a Centre.

The group included members from the three seniors clubs in the city: The Happy Companions, Willard Davis; the Heritage Club, Alfred Moore and Walter Fairclough; The Golden Era Club by Frank Valentine, and Judy Laughton represented other interested seniors in the city.

In October 1996, the Council was organized with Harry Riley as President, and included representatives from the community, the seniors and other interested residents.

In June 1997, the City endorsed the request for a Feasibility Study, and in November, the Terms of Reference were presented to City Council. Other interested seniors from the community then joined the group.

In December 1997, The Kanata City Council approved the appointment of these individuals to the Seniors’ Centre Feasibility Steering committee: Judy Laughton, Alfred Moore, Frank Valentine, Glenn Chorich, Dr. Patrice Karn, Jim Malone, Charanjit Wadehra, Don Davis, Susan Dow and David Robertson-Palmer.

In March 1999, The City Council endorsed the Seniors Council and the study. The Seniors Council agreed to establish a fund-raising committee under Chairman Owen Prince and agreed to raise a minimum of $150,000. In fact the Council raised $240,000 for the building – $90,000 over target.

In March 2000, the Kanata Seniors Council Inc became incorporated under the guidance of Legal Advisor, Robert Laughton, of Gowling Lafleur and Henderson.

Mayor Merle Nicholds opened The Kanata Seniors’ Centre in December 2000, just prior to amalgamation with the City of Ottawa.

Since opening in December 2000, the Council has continued to advocate on all issues of aging for seniors, completed the $75,000+ commercial kitchen, undertaken responsibility for operation of The Coffee Shoppe (now called the Council Café) and the Computer Training Program, continued to partner in the WOCRC Kanata Seniors’ Diners Club, established a website, subsidized taxi chits for Centre members and many other projects to help area seniors.

In September 2004, the Kanata Seniors Council Inc amalgamated with the Kanata Seniors’ Centre Advisory Group to better serve all Kanata Seniors both in the Centre and in the community.


Current Board Members



Greg Richardson, President

Frank Boisvenue, Vice-President

Kay Dubie, Past President

Rachel McGregor, Secretary

David Lee, Treasurer


Susan Ditmer

Kay Dubie

Lianne Dwyer

Arnold Finklestein

Sandra Freeman

David Lee

Michael McMahon

Doreen Mcnair

Mohamed Saleh

Sarah Trant

Jeet Wadehra

Cafe Manager:

Linda Barker


Brian Jeffrey


Council Documents

The following documents and information can be found on the Council Documents page here.

  • Board Meeting minutes.

  • Last Annual General Meeting minutes. 

  • Latest Annual Financial Reports.

  • Council By-laws as Amended.

  • City of Ottawa/Council Memo Of Understanding.

  • Code of Conduct.

  • Council’s Combined Articles of Continuance.

  • Director’s Duties & Job Descriptions.

Don’t hesitate to contact the Council if what you are looking for is not on the above list. We will do our best to accommodate you.

EmailEmail your request to: