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All are welcome on any of our trips. However you need to become a member of the Kanata Seniors Council to be part of the trip. Becoming a member is quick and easy. All you need to do is fill out a membership form when you register for the trip. There is NO COST to you and you do not have to attend any meetings unless you wish to attend the Annual General Meeting which is held each fall.

If you want to ask questions about travel, suggest a destination or just thank them for the excellent job they're doing, you can contact them by email at travel@kanataseniors.ca

A successful Mystery trip on June 26 2018 to the Equator Coffee Roaster and the Hummingbird Chocolate Factory in Almonte  Our group of 24 happy travellers had an opportunity learn about coffee and how it is roasted as well as enjoying a cup of the tasty brew. The group then toured the award winning Hummingbird Chocolate Factory and sampled their world famous product. A delicious lunch at the Heirloom Restaurant finished off the day.

Mystery Trip on October 21 2017 to Ashton Pub for Lunch and visit to Designer Clothing studio in Ashton.


Galleries of Past Trips:
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Look for the flyers on these exciting trips coming up in the future:

  • Wine Tasting trip on Thurs Sept 13. The cost is $ 50.00 and includes bus, wine tasting with bread and cheeses.
  • Mystery Trip on Thurs Sept 27. The Cost is only $ 20.00
  • Upper Canada Playhouse on Fri Oct 12 for  matinee of a musical comedy entitled " Dean (Martin) and Jerry (Lewis) - What Might Have Been". The cost is $ 65.00 and includes bus, theatre ticket and lunch.

PLEASE NOTE: as of Tues Sept 4 the Travel Team will be selling trip tickets on:

Tuesdays starting at 11:30 am until 1:00 pm
Wednesdays starting at 11:00 am until 1:10 pm

It should be noted that when you are booking a trip you must come into the Centre on the  on the days and times listed above.  We can not take reservations over the phone.

Did you ever wonder how the Travel Team prices our trips?
Each trip is based on the following criteria to ensure that our customers pay a reasonable price as well as receiving an enjoyable and interesting experience: 

  • price that the venue charges us per person. This can vary depending on the venue; 
  • cost of any meal if included in the trip;
  • price of the bus (whether it is a School Bus or a Residence's bus).  The cost of chartering a school bus has risen over the past year due to gas and drivers costs. The charge is also based on the mileage to the destination or venue. An example is: if we use a school bus on a trip say to Morrisburg. The cost could run anywhere from $ 350.00 to $ 450.00 for that trip. It is getting more difficult for us to book Residences Buses as they need them for their residents
  • cost of printing flyers and other administration costs.

If anyone has any further questions with regard to the costing of our trips, please contact John Kern at: jh.kern@rogers.com







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