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Sounds of Music

Come and join our growing singing group!

The motto of Barbershoppers is "if you are too busy to sing, you are too busy." The same has proven true for members of the "Sounds of Music," the choral group at the Centre. We started off with 8 members back in 2001 and gradually grew to over 35 although our numbers vary with vacations and, sad to say, doctor appointments.

Some of our members read music but most learn by rote and have an extensive number of songs tucked away in their memory banks. Originally we started as a means of relaxation and enjoyment for the singers themselves but we grew bolder after the first year and ventured out to sing at a senior residence. Much to our surprise the seniors liked it and we all had a ball.

Our toughest test came when we sang in front of our friend at the Centre for Christmas and earlier this year for the volunteers. There is nothing like entertaining in front of friends and waiting for their comments. The Gods have been kind and we have expanded our itineraries beyond the city of Kanata.

We have now invaded Stittsville, Nepean and even ventured out to Smith Falls. Our list of senior residences has grown to 13 and we are still going strong. Our practice is held every Monday morning at 10:00 a.m. and everyone is invited to drop in and lend an ear and see if our style is you style.

Our practices are held every Monday morning from 10:00 a.m. until 11:30 in the Centre and the only thing you have to bring along is a love of singing and a sense of humour. We welcome newcomers who would like to join us.

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Sounds of Music

Sounds of Music

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