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Activity: Camera Club

When: 1st Friday of the month at 9:15 am.

Information: The Kanata Senior's Centre Digital Camera Club offers you the opportunity to learn more about how to use your digital camera to the best advantage as well as how to use computer software to enhance your images.

Both beginner and intermediate level photographers attend these meetings, however beginners need not feel intimidated. Our team of Mentors are always willing to provide one-on-one help with basic concerns about photography and software, even in the comfort of your home. No questions are too basic - we recognize the need to be able to walk before you can run with your new recreation hobby.

We share our photos, go for shoot-outs and generally enjoy a good time associated with photography. When we can, we are proud to offer presentations by professional photographers to encourage and inspire our members in their photographic endeavours. We want to make this a learning experience and will show videos on various techniques ranging from photo composition to software to enhance photo images, and we encourage members to continually take photos to improve their skills.


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