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All Council members are welcome on any of our trips. If your not already a Council member, membership is free and becoming a member is quick and easy. All you need to do is fill out a membership form (link below) and bring it with you when you register for the trip.

If you want to ask questions about travel, suggest a destination or to just thank the Travel Team for the excellent job they’re doing, you can contact them by email at

Trip Pricing
Ever wonder how the Travel team prices our travel adventures?

Each trip is based on the following criteria to ensure that our customers pay a reasonable price as well as receiving an enjoyable and interesting experience: 

  • Price that the venue charges us per person. This can vary depending on the venue 

  • Cost of any meal if included in the trip.

  • Price of the bus (whether it is a School Bus or a Residence’s bus).  The cost of chartering a school bus has risen over the past year due to gas and drivers costs. The charge is also based on the mileage to the destination or venue.

  • Cost of printing flyers and other administration costs.

If anyone has any further questions with regard to the costing of our trips, please contact John Kern at:



July 10: A Blast from the Past.

A guided tour of the Diefenbunker and a tasty lunch (at your expense) at the Heart & Soul Cafe in Dunrobin. Cost: $35.

July 22: Mystery Trip.


August 8: Wine tasting at the Smokie Ridge Vineyards in Mountain Ontario. Trip includes a tour of the vineyard, guided wine tasting including cheeses and bread. Cost is $55. Includes bus, wine, cheese, etc.

August 22: Dine around and shopping trip to Perth. Cost TBA


Sept 10: A dine around and brewery visit plus a shopping trip to Perth. Cost TBA.

Sept 26: Travel Marketplace in the Mlack Halls. Travel suppliers will be featuring trip and other infomation with the focus on older adults. Cost is free.


Oct 8: A shopping & dining trip to Newboro. Cost TBA.

Oct 10: Upper Canada Playhouse to see the musical “Rock and Roll Hear to Stay.” Cost TBA.


There are a large number of New Seniors Residences will be opening in the next few months. The Travel team will be planning a series of trips/tours to these New Residences.  Watch for dates.

Watch this space for
upcoming travel adventures.

To Book Your Trips:
The Travel Team will be selling trip tickets in the front lobby of the Kanata Seniors’ Centre on:

  • Tuesdays from 11:30am until 1:00pm

  • Wednesdays from 11:00am until 1:00pm

When booking a trip, you must come into the Centre on the days and times shown above. Unfortunately, we can not take reservations over the phone.

Kanata Seniors Council Travel News

With a few more folks joining the Kanata Seniors Council Travel Team in the past few months, we now have more hands on board to cover the workload.  More live theatre, music, museum and gallery visits are on the agenda, as well as summer jaunts to local small town events.   The City of Ottawa and the Ottawa Valley have so much to offer and we are bursting with ideas we hope you’ll love. From Celtfest in Almonte to a Summer Solstice Celebration in Vincent Massey Park, we’re working hard to offer something fun for everyone.

Come and join us for our excursions to our local area.